Anti Bacterial Hand Soap

Available in 5L

For cleaner, softer hands, apply a dash of AB HAND
SOAP on your hand then rinse with water.

Air Freshner - Fresh Air

Available in 1L & 5L

Instantly destroys all unpleasant odours and
replaces them with a fresh fragrance.

Complete Bathroom Cleaner

Available in 5L, 15L, 20L & 25L

 Anit-bacterial cleaner for showers, basins
and urinals. Effectively removes hard woter scale, soap scum, uric acid
deposits and general soiling.

Foaming Hand Soap

Available in 5L

 Cleans and softens hands. Leaves your hand
smelling fresh. For use is the foaming dispenser.

Hand Sani Gel

Available in 500ml bottles or 800ml bladders

 Alcohol based instant hand sanitiser. Kills germs and
leaves hands feeling soft.

Hand Auro

Available in 5L

A non-perfumed and non-coloured hand soap.

Mask All

Available in 5L

Will eliminate unpleasant odours by replacing them with a fresh pine fragrance. 

Pink Pearl Hand Soap

Available in 5L, 15L & 20L

Pearlescent, high quality hand and all over body wash and hair shampoo. pH balanced to be mild on the skin and hair. Leaves hands feeling and smelling great.

Sweet Lu


Placed in the toilet bowl cistern to leave a pleasant fragrance. Aids in deodorising and cleaning the toilet bowl.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Available in 5L

Powerful cleaner formulated to clean and deodorise your toilets with ease.

White Pearl Hand Soap

Available in 5L, 15L & 20L

A non-fragranced hand soap, which leaves hands feeling great.